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Philips Brand 22337-0 (223370) Lamp
 Philips 22337-0 (223370) CDM 70/T6/830
Discount Pricing
(prices per item)
1 - 11 $34.67
12 - 23 $34.32
24 - 35 $33.98
36 OR MORE $33.63


General Specifications
Base Type
G12 (BiPin)
Bulb Type
Rated Average Life
12000 hrs
Color Temperature
3000 K
Color Rendering Index (CRI)
Operating Position
Bulb Finish
Maximum Overall Length (MOL)
3.938 in  (100.0 mm)
Bulb Diameter
0.787 in  (20.0 mm)
Light Center Length (LCL)
2.205 in  (56.0 mm)
Product Specifications  
Manufacturer Product Code
22337-0 (223370)
Ordering Code(s)
CDM 70/T6/830
Standard Case Size
(listed prices are per lamp)
  Philips 22337-0 Product Specifications

Philips 22337-0 Safety Notices & Warnings Safety Notices & Warnings
Safety Notices & Warnings:
These lamps can cause serious skin burn andeye inflammation from short wave ultraviolet radiation if outerenvelope of the lamp is broken or punctured. Do not use wherepeople will remain for more than a few minutes unless adequateshielding or other safety precautions are used. Certain lamps thatwill automatically extinguish when the outer envelope is broken orpunctured are commercially available. This lamp complies with FDAradiation performance standard 21 CFR subchapter J. (USA:21CFR1040.30 Canada:SOR/DORS/80-381)
The arc-tube of metal halide lamps are designed tooperate under high pressure and at temperatures up to 1000 C andcan unexpectedly rupture due to internal or external factors such as aballast failure or misapplication If the arc-tube ruptures for anyreason, the outer bulb may break and pieces of extremely hot glassmight be discharged into the surrounding environment. If such arupture were to happen, THERE IS A RISK OF PERSONALINJURY, PROPERTY DAMAGE, BURNS AND FIRE.

Philips 22337-0 Manufacturer Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Documents Manufacturer Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) Documents

Philips 22337-0 Manufacturer Documents Manufacturer Documents
Philips Product Leaflet

Philips 22337-0 Product Notes Product Notes
MasterColor Powertone Ceramic Metal Halide Single Ended, FadeBlock UV Filtering, M139/E. 12NC Logistics code: 928082305117.
Previous UPC: 8711500196996
Philips MasterColor 3000K Tubular Single-EndedT6 Lamps are compact, energy-efficient, ceramic metal halidelamps that provides crisp, sparkling light.
Lamps feature integrated UV blocking medium for reduced fading of fabrics and paintings.

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