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OSRAM Brand 54070 Lamp
 OSRAM 54070 HMI 2500W/SE
Philips Brand 24581-1 (245811) Lamp
 Philips 24581-1 (245811) MSR 2500/HR
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 $ 189.37 
 $ 249.64 

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General Specifications
Base Type
G38 (Mogul BiPost)
G38 (Mogul BiPost)
Rated Average Life
500 hrs
500 hrs
Color Temperature
6000 K
6000 K
Color Rendering Index (CRI)
Operating Position
Bulb Finish
Maximum Overall Length (MOL)
8.858 in  (225.0 mm)
9.449 in  (240.0 mm)
Bulb Diameter
2.362 in  (60.0 mm)
2.362 in  (60.0 mm)
Light Center Length (LCL)
5.000 in  (127.0 mm)
5.000 in  (127.0 mm)
Product Specifications    
Manufacturer Product Code
24581-1 (245811)
Ordering Code(s)
HMI 2500W/SE
MSR 2500/HR
Standard Case Size
(listed prices are per lamp)
  Philips 24581-1 Product Specifications

Philips 24581-1 Product Notes Product Notes
MSR 2500 HR. Single Ended, Hot Restrike, Cross to Osram HMI 2500W/SE. 12NC Logistics code: 928104905114.
Philips' suggested replacement for discontinued item 30265-3 (302653) MSR 2500 HR.
MSR Hot Restrike instant daylight at any timeThanks to an optimized color temperature and a high color rendering index, the MSR Hot Restrike creates perfect daylight in any condition. Also, the single ended lamp design enables hot re-ignition, which ensures daylight lighting and superb color rendition is always instantly available. They also incorporate the innovative P3 technology, developed by Philips, which allows use at higher temperatures and therefore extends lifetime and consistency of high-quality light output.

  Equipment Usage Reference
  ARRI Arrisun 40/25 Par
  ARRI Arri Daylight Compact 2500 Fresnel
  ARRI Arri Daylight Compact 2500 Theatre
  Lycian Superstar 2.5
  Lycian Super Star 2.5 1279
  ARRI Arri X40/25 Fresnel
  ARRI ARRI Daylight 2500 SE
  ARRI ARRI Daylight Compact 2.5 kW
  Cameleon Lyre 2500
  Coemar Bomber
  Despar Rembrandt - Piccolo 2500 W
  F.A.L. Comet 2500
  F.A.L. Meteorite 2500
  F.A.L. Sky-liner 2500
  Griven Dardo 2500
  Griven Shuttle dmx 2500
  Kobold Licht Bel. DL 2500 FR / SE
  Kobold Licht Bel. DLf 2500 SE
  Lampo, Weichhart Traviata TE Sequipersona
  LTM Ambiarc 2500
  LTM Cinepar 2500
  Narva, Imax Followspot 2500
  Niethammer, AVAB HMZ 215
  Niethammer, AVAB MZS 254
  Niethammer, AVAB MZU 256
  Strand Lighting Sirio Bambino 2500 W
  Strand Lighting Super Quasar
  Robert Juliat 900 SX Range
  Robert Juliat Tungstein 500
  Spotlight, Korner Vedette 25MMT
  Spotlight, Korner Verfolger MSR 2500 ZOOM/Figura 25ZS

  Text-to-Speech Descriptions

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