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Philips Brand 24514-2 (245142) Lamp
 Philips 24514-2 (245142) MSD 250
Discount Pricing
(prices per item)
 $ 98.94 


General Specifications
Base Type
GY9.5 (2-Pin Prefocus)
Rated Average Life
3000 hrs
Color Temperature
6700 K
Color Rendering Index (CRI)
Operating Position
Bulb Finish
Maximum Overall Length (MOL)
4.252 in  (108.0 mm)
Bulb Diameter
0.906 in  (23.0 mm)
Light Center Length (LCL)
2.165 in  (55.0 mm)
Product Specifications  
Manufacturer Product Code
24514-2 (245142)
Ordering Code(s)
MSD 250
Standard Case Size
(listed prices are per lamp)
  Philips 24514-2 Product Specifications

Philips 24514-2 Manufacturer Documents Manufacturer Documents
Philips Product Leaflet

Philips 24514-2 Product Notes Product Notes
These single ended, compact lamps enable optimal light collection and accurate beam control, while they also provide true daylight color temperatures all to create great stage brightness and vivid entertainment. And since they offer long lifetime usage they help minimize the cost of ownership via fewer lamp replacements and fewer maintenance man hour costs.
MSD 250. 12NC Logistics code: 928098705114.

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