Need to setup a Purchase Order account?
The procedure is simple to enable your account to pay via purchase order.
Follow these simple steps to get your account considered for PO payments:

  1.   Create an account on the BulbConnection system.
  2.   Apply for credit approval by completing and returning this credit form.
- or -
  2.   If you are a government or educational institution no credit application is required! Simply fax us a copy of your first order PO at 319-352-6278, noting your account email address.
  3.   Await confirmation of your PO payment option setup by BulbConnection.
  Once your account has been approved for Purchase Orders:
  1.   Build your bulb order as you normally would from the BulbConnection website.
  2.   On the Checkout screen, select "Purchase Order" as your payment method and enter the PO number for the order in the space provided.
  3.   FAX a copy of the purchase order to BulbConnection at 319-352-6278.
  It's that easy!